Is it possible to categorize quiz questions and results?

I would like to have a comprehensive final test created in Quiz Maker or Storyline.  Is it possible to categorize the quiz questions then view the results according to the categories?  Let's say the quiz has 50 questions.  The first 10 are about safety, the second are about quality, the third about machine A, the fourth include machine B, and the fifth deal with Machine C. 

After the user completes the quiz, I would like to see in which categories the user did well and in which they did not to help identify the learning gaps for each person.  It they miss 10 questions out of 50 and they were all about machine C, that would give me a good indication of where to focus any remedial training. 

I would like to find an easy way to do this using a single final exam. 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sarah,

I haven't seen any more recent examples of this, sorry to say! It does sound like a cool idea though, and I wonder if you may have better luck gathering an example if you were to post on the Building Better Courses side of ELH! That tends to be the area more focused on design and how tos.