Is it possible to combine Survey question types?

Has anyone done this before? I'm trying to combine a Pick One question type with an Essay question type and having no luck.

Part one would be the Pick One 'Yes' or 'No.' If you pick Yes, then you'd add text to the Essay and click Next to go to the next question. If you pick 'No' then you'd just click Next and go to the next question.

So far I've tried to cut and paste the parts of one survey question into another to combine them and it doesn't work. Is there another way?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marji,

Quizmaker only allows for one question per slide, so there isn't a way to place these two question types on the same slide. You could set it up to have it branched to a new slide based on how they answer and make the "Yes" branch go to a slide that looks like a duplicate of the question slide with the essay question. So they won't be able to change their answer on that slide - but it would look the same.