Is there a 'bounce back' option in drag-and-drop quiz questions?


Think that a question includes 10 elements, in other words 5 pairs that you need to figure out. Once you are wrong with your first attempt -assume that you're asked to match countries and cities and say you paired USA and Paris-, should you wait until you finished with all 5 pairs and then submit?

Or can you have an immediate bounce back? So, you won't need to submit anything! And most importantly, the screen would be more interactive

Is there anyone who experienced this before?

Many thanks,

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Emre, and welcome! Currently the matching drag-and-drop question type doesn't allow for a bounce-back type of effect, so the learner does in fact need to match the pairs and then click Submit to see any feedback. A bounce-back effect would make a great feature request though. Also, regarding the number of elements: you can actually have up to 10 pairs of items in a matching drag and drop question, but realistically it's usually better to have 5 or fewer. Otherwise the question will appear with a scrollbar, since not everything will fit on one slide.

Emre O

Hi again,

Another relevant question then:

You're saying submit to see any feedback... My question is; shall I really need to submit? Since I saw some questions come with no 'submit' necessity. (For instance, learning games choice or word quiz... When you finish with the correct sequence or find the correct set of answers, system automatically says it's 'correct!', so you don't need to submit anything.) How can I setup such a usage?  

Many thanks in advance,

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Emre, in Quizmaker, there really isn't a way to invoke feedback without the learner clicking the Submit button. Although you can rename the button, the learner does need to click to see feedback on the answer they gave.

You're right, the Learning Games function a bit differently. Would those give you the kind of learning experience you're wanting to build?

If not, perhaps using Presenter and PowerPoint would be a good choice for you... if you can share a bit more about the type of question you'd like to create, maybe we can suggest some ideas for how to build it.