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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ellen! Are you publishing your Quizmaker quiz to Presenter by chance? Then you would be able to add attachments to your presentations. Can you elaborate on what you mean by making learner complete the quiz? Are they allowed to fail, remain on each question until it's correct, or re-take entire quiz, etc?

Ellen Brodsky

Thanks, Leslie. Yes, we're using Studio 09 and we have attachments in Presenter that we want them to be able to use during their Quizmaker questions, which are embedded in the larger module.

There is no real passing or failing -- these are more just knowledge checks.

The client would like to be able to ensure that learners take each quiz (not necessarily pass it) and that they can use the attachments to answer the questions.

So far, we've found that having the main Presenter player Restricted, and then the Quiz settings as follows seems to work, but then we're having problems with some of the Engage interactions where the user completes all the items on the Engage and it still will not let them continue...  Fix one thing, another breaks?

User may leave the quiz any time. User may view slides after  quiz after attempting quiz

Thanks for any suggestions you can give us!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ellen! So now, it sounds like we've moved to another issue which would be that your Presentation gets stuck on an Engage interaction? This can be an issue with load times and you can check out this thread and this knowledge base article to see if the troubleshooting here can assist you. Please know that you can package your course and submit it to us if you'd like to work with support.