Is there a Results Slide Function in Quizmaker like in Storyline?

I have an online module with several quizzes (pre, 3 quiz questions scattered throughout, post).  In order to get reporting in my LMS (Blackboard) I need one results slide that will combine all of the quizzes.  I have found how to do this in Storyline, but is this feature available just in Quizmaker publishing through presenter?  I've searched this board and haven't found anything, but please excuse me if I've overlooked something!



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Caley and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I just wanted to chime in with some resources that may help. 

Here's a tutorial on using question groups in Quizmaker '13:

Working with Question Groups - E-Learning Heroes

And here's a tutorial on inserting blank slides in Quizmaker '13:

Blank Slides - E-Learning Heroes

Those tutorials are pretty helpful, but if you get stuck or have any questions, just let us know!