Is there a way to stop QM quizzes being added to the wrong PPT?

I've noticed that sometimes when editing a QM quiz when having more than one PPT file open, the QM will somehow drop into one of the other PPT files instead of the one it originated from.  

1. Have two or more PPT files open.

2. FInd a QM slide and click 'Edit in QM'

3. Make your edits and hit 'Save and return to ...'

4. Update QM strangely now resides in one of the other PPTs.

How does that happen?  

Bit of a pain because the only guaranteed way around this appears to be to have only one PPT open - which isn't ideal at time.


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Simon Perkins

Hi Dwayne

Unfortunately, that's not the way I need this to work.  I like to have my QMs easily editable from within PPT so I don't have to check which of that latest versions they are etc.  Just makes the experience more fluid.  Hence the ability to just click 'Edit in QM' is great ... but then having it 'Save and return to ...' the wrong PPT is weird.

I'll just make allowances and only have one PPT open when editing like that.

Louise H

I've noticed this recently with Engage too. When first creating the quiz/interaction I create them as standalone files then add them in to PPT. However if I later need to update something it's quicker to click 'Edit in...' from the PowerPoint. However then sometimes it copies it into the second PPT. I'm sure this never used to happen..?