Is this possible?

Hi - we've been looking at and using various Articulate products over the years - and we' re wondering if it's possible to do something specific with either Studio or Storyline or Quizmaker.

We have been asked to create a questionnaire (with 30+ questions) where the result is dependant on the answers given.  The answer is whether you fall into one of six different types of 'personality'.

Currently we use Excel (made to look as fancy as we can!).  Each question allocates a numerical score against each of the personality types - and at the end - the personality type with the highest total is 'the answer'.

We've been wracking our brains to think if there is a way to do this with Articulate - but can't come-up with a solution.

Hope my explanation of the issue is clear enough - any thoughts from the community would be very gratefully received.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alec,

It sounds similar to what some other users have referred to as a "magazine style assessment" and this thread links to a few and includes a video. It's referencing Quizmaker 09, but you could do something similar in Quizmaker '13 or as Phil mentioned, easily in Storyline. 

Just depends on which tool you have and are able to utilize for the majority of your work. 

Alec Castle

Phil - thanks for such a swift and optimistic reply. ;-)

Let me explain  a bit more.

We have developed a marketing approach that divides the customers of one of our clients into six different personality segments.  To illustrate these segments (and for a bit of fun), we have developed some simple Excel worksheets and formulae so that staff from our client can find-out which of these segments they fall into. 

As it stands our 'Excel' approach is pretty ugly and clunky - we just never thought we could do something better in Storyline.

Currently, staff select a series of statements that they agree with from a battery of 30 statements.  To give a reliable result - they have to select at least ten but could select more.

To make their selection, they simply put an 'X' in an Excel cell alongside the statement they agree with - and a calculation is made (on hidden Excel worksheets) on the probability of them being from each one of six 'personality' segments.

That probability is a simple numerical score.

After putting an answer against at least ten statements, the numbers are totalled-up under six separate columns (representing the six segments) - and the highest score denotes which segment this person most likely falls into.

(A screen grab of a very crude example of how this works is attached.  In this example, the person would fall into Segment 2).

The people doing the questionnaire see the statements - but don't see the workings.

But at the end they do get to see which segment they fall into.  This appears in a cell at the bottom.

The challenge for us is how do you build all of this into Storyline or Quizmaker - especially the maths of the simple algorithm?  We've been scratching our heads here and hope we may have overlooked something obvious.


Phil Mayor

Sorry I am not getting any emails from the site at the moment

The maths would be easy in Storyline as you can use trigger to do the Maths, in quiz maker this would be difficult (if not impossible).

I would use check boxes and do the calculation based on the submit button, I have built quite a few of these for clients in the past the key thing is to know the calculation and have it mapped out (which you already do).  The segment at the end is simply changing state or showing a layer based on the values.

I am pretty pushed this week but could mock you something up next week if that would help