iSpring Quizzes auto saving as Articulate Quizzes

Jun 17, 2020

We have been using iSpring for years and are now working on converting over to Articulate.  We have a lot of PowerPoints with iSpring quizzes in them.  When we open the PPT it automatically saves the iSpring content as Articulate content and then the quiz can't open.  We are loosing the content.  How can we stop it from saving to Articulate quizmaker before we open it in iSpring?  

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Tom Kuhlmann

I haven't looked at iSpring in a while, but I believe when they copied Articulate's Quizmaker from Studio a few years ago they used the same .quiz file extension. If that's the case for you, when you try to open .quiz file and have both iSpring and Articulate installed it is opening the one assigned to .quiz.

You can change the file association so that one application opens over the other. However, I'd probably uninstall Articulate Quizmaker, make your fixes or whatever you need from iSpring. Then uninstall it and install Articulate's Quizmaker. This way you don't run into conflicts.

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