Issue with Passing Score Articulate and SuccessFactors

Jan 23, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I'm curioius to see if anyone else has had issues with Articulate created e-learning courses havnig compatibiltiy issues with passing pass/fail scores from the completed e-learning course package back to the SuccessFactors LMS?   We have over 2000 courses many of which behave erradically and either a) do not pass any SCORM data, or b) pass SCORM data only under very specific curcumstances (when the exit button has been selected, when the browser window has been closed, etc. etc.).

We've worked through every issue we can conceive from Internet Exploerer versioinig issue to the settings in Quizmaker that determine when the score is passed.


Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott!

Articulate Quizmaker '13 communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) when the learner reaches the result slide.

Since you mentioned a 'package', I'm not sure if you are asking about Presenter '13:

Articulate Presenter '13 communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) as soon as the learner meets the completion requirement. See this article for more information.

Scott  Jones

HI Leslie,

Most of our courses were published in 09, so the newest versio of presentor/quizmaker isn't really applicable in this particular situation.  When referncing the "e-learning package" my language may have been a bit vague.  The final published version of teh course would be a more specific term.

Thanks for getting back to me and please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott!

No problem at all, and thanks for letting me know which version of Studio you are using.

Articulate Studio '09 communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) when the learner closes the web browser.

You can also check out the articles here and here which may help clear up common LMS issues.

M Dooc

Can someone please clear up what information I just found.

Articulate Quizmaker 13 (which I use) is designed to accept a Completed Status (is using completed/incomplete or completed/failed LMS status options) only when the user passes the test by meeting the threshold.

Articulate Quizmaker 09 (as stated above) Articulate Studio '09 communicates course completion to a learning management system (LMS) when the learner closes the web browser not when they meet the passing score.

Does this mean that manual scoring is going to have to take place when using an iLMS to determine the precise score percentage the user got?

M Dooc

Leslie McKerchie said:

Hi M!

Not sure that I'm following your question about why you would need to manually track the score?

I know we had a lengthy discussion here. Is this related or are you having another issue?

Its related but I am using Articulate 13 and it seems to function different thank 09 so I am trying to confirm the following since the 2013 has some scoring issues:

We really prefer to set a passing score of 80% in Quizmaker (which is what we have done already). HOWEVER, I am still unable to get a 'Completed/Incomplete' status once the user has submitted all answers for final submission in Quizmaker.

Per the previous post you told me the only way to get a completed status when using an iLMS (I am using is to change the passing score (threshold) in the LMS to get a  completed status.

When changing the passing score from the 80% we like scoring becomes a manual process because in fact they did not meet the 80% (and I had to lower the threhold to 0-1% in order to get a passing score for a user to get a completed status).

 I need more clarification on the exact criteria I mentioned and then it can become clearer to me.

Thank you Leslie.

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