Issues with color theme/slide master

Hi -

I'm trying to create a real simple design in Quizmaker. 

Want the questions to have a dark blue background and white text. The answer portion should be black text.

I've set up the light/dark colors how I  want them in Customize Theme colors, and set up the slide master to how I want the slide to appear.

But I still get black text on the blue background (or if I fiddle with the colors, I can get white text the question and the answer text). 

Is there any way to set this up, or will I just have to manually change the text color for each question?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steve,

Not to worry! It's not something you missed. I found a post about this after looking at your file and it looks like this is similar to changing the position of the text as well.

What you could try is this:

Create a question and set it up the way you want, with the colors and placement of questions and or answers. Then, when you want to have a new question and keep that design, just duplicate the original question and change the content in the new question to meet your needs.

I've posted an example for you, using a modified version of your original .quiz file.

Let me know if this works for you!