Jump to URL-File don't work after upload to LRM

Good Day, 

i created custom certificate via a Button and the Action: "Open File/URL". I defined the adress relative, so it is "html_cert/certificate.html". 

When publishing to web, everything is going fine but after contributing the same project to my LRM I get the following error message in my browser: 

Für folgende Webadresse wurde keine Webseite gefunden: https://.../pluginfile.php/2511/mod_scorm/content/3/html_cert/certificate.html

The steps I did for publishing to my LRM: 

  • Export it as SCORM 1.2
  • Upload the project to my LRM 
  • Paste the "html_cert" folder in the Directory from the previous step. 

And now I'm getting this error. 

Hope somebody can help me



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