Keep getting stuck on a quiz

I am having a problem with a specific quiz in my course. Each time you complete the quiz and log out of the course you are taken back to that quiz when you resume, no matter how far past it you've gone. The only way you can get past the quiz is by completing the entire course in one sitting.  Does anyone have any ideas if it's a problem w/ the quiz itself? I personally did not create it but my colleague insists he did it the same as all of the other quizes in the course but the course keeps getting stuck on this one. Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Lori - my apologies, I should have also asked for your Presenter or Storyline file where the Quiz resides, as the quiz itself doesn't seem to be a problem (I'm able to take a portion of it, exit and reenter and resume where I left off in it's stand alone mode). If it's a Presenter file, follow these directions to package it and you can again post it here or if it's too large, submit it here. 

joe smith


I have this same issue for my users sometimes.  But for us it's not just one quiz that's a problem.  We have over 50-something courses that have embedded quizzes and it can happen in any of them for any random user.

It seems like a suspend_data problem since that's what tells the course how to resume the presentation and what slides have or have not been viewed. 

Were you ever able to get the problem resolved? 

Also, do you mind if I ask what version of Presenter and Quizmaker you're using?  We only started having the problem when we upgraded our courses to Studio '13. 



Doug Doyle

I have a sneaky suspicion why random users are getting stuck at a embedded QuizMaker file within Presenter when served up on an LMS. 

Since Presenter is controlling the bookmarking (Always Resume), can it be that if the QuizMaker file is set to Prompt to Resume and the user happens to Exit or Time Out while inside of a QuizMaker interaction, the user will always return to the same interaction but in a 'void' state?

I'm at a loss. We have hundreds of users in several courses at any given time and just a hand full call us because they are stuck at a QuizMaker interaction. Sad part is, I can't get them past it! I usually end up assigning them a completion status for the module so they can move on with the course. This however, does not allow the user view the remaining content within the module.

Any help understanding this whole LMS cookie handling issue is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Community!

Christie Pollick

Hi, Doug -- Thanks for reaching out with your question here! First, as this is an older thread, I wanted to note that if you would like to reach out to any of the participants directly, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their individual profile pages. 

I also wanted to ask if you are experiencing the same behavior when you test your courses published for LMS in the SCORM Cloud, as well. Please see this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud, and feel free to share your file if you would like us to do some testing or take a closer look. 

Doug Doyle

Hi Christie, Sorry for the delayed response. Just yesterday I had a student get stuck on a quiz. Our in-house LMS (SCORM 1.2) will time out the student if no activity in 15 minutes. If the student walks away from training while in a quizmaker interaction, then they log in again, they return to the .quiz spot, but are unable to do anything, be it choose an answer, select Next, etc. I don't know that testing on SCORM Cloud will generate the same scenario. We are moving to another LMS this year. In the meantime, I'll go and check that our .quiz files are set to never resume so that the user is always returned to the beginning of the interaction.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Doug,

Thanks for coming back around, Christie is no longer with Articulate so I just wanted to pop in here. Testing at SCORM Cloud is something that would help determine if the behavior was an issue in the course or in the LMS. Since your LMS is set to time out after 15 minutes, it sounds like it's an overall LMS issue and I'd defer to them for ways that you could change this or ensure that the user is able to proceed with the course again as expected. If you're moving to a new LMS soon it may just be safe enough to proceed with enabling the "never resume" behavior and then double check how your new LMS is going to behave with this.