Latency use

Ok, I've never paid much attention to the latency value before, but now I have a quiz where looking at how long the person took to answer the question would be very helpful for refinements.   How can the latency value be used or interperted?  Our LMS does not support the tracking so am getting the results to quizzes via email.

Thanks so much.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Neil!

The good news is that Quizmaker does indeed send the latency data to your LMS. The not-so-good news, is that it's up to your LMS to report that data to you, and it doesn't sound like it's currently doing that. Have you had a chance to speak with your LMS team about the possibility of including the latency data in the LMS reports? 

Neil Stadlman

Thanks so much.  I figured it was a unit of time  but after lots of searching, I could never find a definite answer regarding latency use in e-learning.   I can appreciate how each LMS might handle the value, but now I can better analyze my results.  In this case 41565 represents 41.565 seconds which sounds about right for the True False question I used.