Learner must take quiz once but then not be forced to take again

Hi, I hope you can help. I did find an archived post on my topic but didn't resolve it from that. I'm a newbie!

I am using Presenter and Quizmaker 09. I have a number of quizzes throughout the eLearning which all learners MUST complete once. But they are allowed to go back to look at slides they have already seen. If they do this, when they go forwards again, I want them to be able to skip the quiz that they have already completed. Note, there is no pass mark, but learners must get each question correct before they can move on to the next question.

I have the Properties of the slide containing the quiz file set to:

Allow user to leave the quiz: After user has complete quiz

User may view slides after quiz: At any time

User may attempt quiz: Unlimited times

On the Player Template I have checked (on):

Resume: Prompt to resume quiz on restart

                    When running in LMS, ignore flash cookie.

This will be running in an LMS but I haven't got that far yet. 

When I publish to CD and play the elearning back, if after completing a quiz, the learner goes back to a previous slide (using the Outline to navigate) if the learner comes to the quiz again, there is not prompt when they click forward to the quiz, and if the user tries to click forward to skip past it, they see a pop up 'You must complete the quiz in order to continue'.

How can I ensure the course 'knows/records' when a leaner has completed a quiz so that they don't need to do it again.

Can I fix this in the settings I have already mentioned above?

Or is this something that has to be resolved in the LMS?

Any help will be massively appreciated!

Warm regards, Karen 

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