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Sep 26, 2011

So, I am having  a hard time getting this right.

I have 10 statements and users need to choose between effective, good, fair and poor. Effective is 4, good 3, fair 2, poor 1.

Once they answer all 10 questions, their score will fall in a range.

30- 40


10 -20

How can I replicate this using likert scale in quizmaker? Should I be using something else to achieve this.

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Brian Batt

Hi Sid,

Since Likert Scale questions aren't graded, that's not currently possible.  However, a possible work around is to use a Multiple Choice question with a point value for each question. Then on the results page, you could give feedback for each point range - or on a following slide in PPT or Engage - you could have "If you scored between 10 and 30 click here", "between 30-50" etc.

Michael Fimian

Hi all...

I have a survey built in QM 09;  among the questions is a Likert-type question -- looks like this:

I've set my scale up for 1=No Need to 5=Immediate Need;  what I haven't been able to do is find the Scale button to open the Likert Scale Labels dialog box, in either view...    Want to change or get rid of the Strongly Disagree and other underlying labels.

Anyone got any hints?

Thanks in advance,


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