Likert Scale Quiz - results on Excel report

May 16, 2014

Hi All, has anyone else experienced the same...?

Using a Likert Scale Quiz question to ask people to rate their confidence (1-10) on 3 different actions. All looks good in the Quizmaker file, but when I report from my LMS (SCORM 2004, Question/Answer Detail on Kallidus LMS), I find that because it's one question, the answer is one long combined version of all 3 actions plus responses by the individual.

for every person I have for example: Using_the_system_7_Accessing_customer_history_10_Uploading_documents_8

So in order to analyse the data, I am manually going through and breaking apart using Data to Columns in Excel. This in itself isn't perfect as the break points change slightly according to whether individuals choose 10 or a single digit response for each answer, and I have to specificy one break point for the whole column of results.

Is this a setting within Quizmaker I can change so that it publishes each choice as a separate answer? Has anyone experienced the same and found a better way to analyse data that is less manual?


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