Limit Quiz Attempts Until Passed?

Jun 08, 2011

I know you can limit the number of times a user attempts a quiz, but can you limit the attemps once the quiz has been passed? Once they have successfully passed the quiz, I don't want them to be able to take it again (it screws up reporting CECs when they have duplicates), but want them to have multiple attempts until then.

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Andrew  Thorne

you'd have to add some code to a launch page (perhapse quiz.html), to ask the lms is there is a lesson_status == "passed" then you could redirect the user or even launch a page using document.write.

something like

if ((lesson_status == "passed")||(lesson_status == "complete")) {

document.write("< h 2 >Assessment Completed< / h 2 >< p >You have successfully completed this assessment in a previous attempt. You are not required to take the assessment again.< / p >");  Of course you'd only want to do this if the quiz is the last thing they need to look at.

Are you at all familiar with code and or have someone that could look into the course code(quizmaker support files) to correct the path in the code snippet above to ensure it can find lesson_status? I believe lesson_status is set in the SCORMFunctions.js file. 

I'm just begining to familarize myself with quizmaker and it's limitations, I afraid i can't do much more then offer a potential solution which unfortunately  may not help or work.  

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