Limit Quiz try to once only

I am creating a quiz that is embedded in a presentation. I want to make it so that the quiz can be attempted only once.

I cannot find the set of parameters in the quiz/presentation that will force this. No matter what I do it seems that the user can complete the quiz, go back to the presenter content and retake the quiz.

Further I would like to prevent the user from taking the quiz on future views of the presentation (this is launching from a LMS).

Is there not a way to make this happen or am I missing some critical setting?

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Brian Sullivan

I have the following parameters set for the quiz in Presenter:

On Passing Finish goes to Next Slide

On Failing Finish goes to Next Slide

Allow user to leave Quiz  after completion

User may view slides after attempting quiz

User may attempt quiz just once

This forces the user to complete the quiz once entering, but having completed the quiz the user can view slides in the presentation, then take the quiz again from scratch.

Obviously this is not the behaviour I intended (which was that they are allowed to take the quiz just once, and after taking review the material as much as they wish.

Brian Sullivan

So from what I can discern "User may attempt quiz just once" should either prevent the user from even entering the quiz again or it should allow entry and review of the answers provided only.

It seems to do neither.

Am I misinterpreting what this setting should do -- or does it just not work?

Is anybody using this setting in real life?