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Divya Kapoor

Valeria, This is definitely LMS issue.

Ask Cornerstone if they can provide you with a SCORM interaction report and/OR a audit log of the API communication between the course and the LMS.  It will tell you clearly what information is being sent by course and what is being saved by the LMS. You can also hit F12 while running the course to see the API communication.

I was asking about the business case/requirements you need to implement, so I could direct you to Storyline workaround.  You can build a workaround using triggers to track attempt and course, saving this information as a SCORM interaction. So it can be tracked later. 

Debbi Spranza, CPLP

Hi Valeria,

We use Storyline 1 and CSOD.

I use similar settings but for tracking, I only find success with "Completed/Incomplete" when trying to pass the complete status from storyline to Cornerstone.

I don't have an example of my own I can go look at to "view training details" for the leaner once complete but have you checked that area of the learners transcript to see if it records failed attempts if the learner exits before trying again? (I've attached a screenshot in case it's helpful to find it in your system.)

I don't work for CSOD or Articulate but from my knowledge, the reporting you're looking for isn't in place. You might get creative with your training deployment in assigning a second online class recurrence if the first attempt is failed if you're trying to meet compliance reporting needs.

I've had limited success tracking specific interactions for individual users in CSOD. Have you looked at the standard report in analytics>Training>Course Assessment Question Item Analysis" for overall trends and status?

I hope some of this helps - Best of luck finding your solution!


Laura Douglas

Hi Anna!

Turns out the SCORM never reports attempt information at all. So the LMS can't track it. A way to do it is by changing the cmi.exit type from suspend to normal --- working on that, and also with the LMS service provider to try to find something to work. Will update when I know more!

Divya Kapoor

Valeria, that is not true.

LMS are supposed to read suspend and normal values and then update the
attempt value.

This is an LMS issue not a SCORM.

Suspend is also critical to retain the bookmark. When the lms loads a
course, it gets saved values from its database. If cmi.exit is set to
suspend, it looks for location and that is how bookmark works.
If you code it to normal, your bookmarking will not work.

Divya Kapoor
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Laura Douglas

I've been told by multiple parties that changing the exit type from suspend to normal will track the multiple attempts in the LMS as they desire.

Divya, you are right, there is only a report on one score, some companies require there to be a record of multiple scores and their corresponding attempts. It seems that the only way to get this to work is by changing the exit type from suspend to normal.  But, again, I am still working through this issue myself.

There are various threads on this topic in the E-Learning Heroes forum, and multiple ones make reference that attempt history data is not generated by SCORM and therefore cannot be reported to an LMS. This is what I have been told by 3rd party SCORM developers as well.