Linking engage files to other slides


Can anyone please let me know if it is possible to hperlink text in an engage interaction to another slide in the course. When I tried to hyperlink the text, all I could do was to either hyperlink it to a site, or to another tab/section in the same engage. I tried linking the text to another tab/segment in the same engage interaction, however, the user was able to view that segment when he clicks the next button on the upper right-hand corner. I want the user to be able to view this text only when he clicks the hyperlinked text.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Vineetha,

I just grabbed this from the Engage Documentation. Based on this, I'd say you can't link  to a slide.

Hyperlinking & Branching
Engage ’09 allows you to add hyperlinks to webpages, pictures, e-mail addresses, or programs. It also
allows you to link text in your interaction to another step, event, segment, etc. in your interaction.

David Anderson

Hi Vineetha -

Becky's right that there isn't a built-in way to link from an Engage slide to a Presenter slide. But there is an unsupported way Dave Moxon posted this neat trick on his blog where you can link to specific slides.

The trick works well, but the only thing to watch out for is when you add or subtract slides from your presentation--that will change the slide numbers you're linking to. Give it a shot and let us know if you have any questions.