Linking Questions Together - Let's get sticky!


I am having a bit of bother about setting up a quiz.  Here are the requirements - 

  • Randomly select one of four 'question banks'
  • Each Question bank contains 30 questions
  • Pass mark is 67%

I'm sure this is going to involve randomising and linking questions.

How is it we get Quizmaker to randomly select  a question bank that contains a set amount of thirty questions.

Basically, we are transforming a standardised classroom exam where a student will receive one of four exam papers that each contain 30 questions.

We need Quizmaker to randomly select a question paper that contains 30 questions.


I hope that is clear ;)

Thanks for the input and help!



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dave,

Within Quizmaker there isn't a way to randomize the initial question bank slide draw, so you'd have to include all the questions in one bank and then randomize that set up. You could link them together within the bank, so that say questions 1-30 all go together and 31 - 60 and so on. Here is a bit more information on how to use the question bank set up.