LMS Detailed Quiz Question Report with QLD

we're told that in order to run reports on our LMS that include details on individual test questions, we need to include a Question Level Detail (QLD) file in the .zip package exam upload.  I've never heard of this with Quizmaker before.  In the previous LMS I just zipped the file, ran the canned report on details and it output the information.  The new LMS I am working with (Meridian) is telling me I need a QLD file. 

Can anyone enlighten me on this as I have not seen such a file in the zip files with QuizMaker 09?

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Don Griesheimer

Dear Cindy, 

My company is migrating to Meridian LMS and this is the file our consultant provided for a sample QLDmanifest.xml.  You will need to update this file with your course information from the imsmanifest.xml file, question ID, question text, and type of question.  Though I been able to get a graded question item report, today, I have been unable to get an ungraded question detail report.

I hope this helps a little.


Cindy Ross

When you zip up quizmaker for publication you should not be asking developers to edit the xml files.  articulate has always provided the right files for every lms I have ever worked on and I've worked with seven different powerful LMS's. I'm certainly not going to be editing all my files.  I believe that Meridian needs to change the way they are functioning. There are way too many roadblocks, way too many issues we have with them. I've been on conference calls with their developers and I don't think some of the developers know what the heck you're talking about. Just my opinion.

Christine Hendrickson

Hey Cindy,

Thank you very much for sharing that information!

I do agree. We always recommend avoiding modification of output files - that shouldn't be necessary to run a course in an LMS and honestly, it could cause more trouble than help. I would say it's only a good idea if the developer has extensive experience in working with that type of coding. This is also why we don't support the editing of output files.

Hopefully, Meridian will be able to work with this and make some improvements, or provide an alternative that requires a little less work on the developer's side.

Thanks and I hope you have a Happy Holiday!