LMS not registering a Fail status

I have published a course (AICC) into our QA environment to test out why when a student fails the test (created using Quizmaker) that the LMS will not record it as a fail. It will note fail and show in the student's todo list again as "Required -Previous Attempt Failed". I just want to allow them to take the test once, and if they fail - just have it capture the failure in their history. I have set the quiz as only one attempt and cannot retry quiz upon failure.

I have attached how it looks after a fail in a student's todo list & also the quiz file.

HELP! : (

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Ren Gomez

Hi Mary Ann,

I'm sorry your course isn't reporting correctly, and thank you for sharing that image and the file!

I noticed when I tried to publish the course to an LMS, the LMS Reporting status was set to Passed/Incomplete. Can you set the status to Passed/Failed and republish your course?

This explanation here goes into some details between the two statuses. Once you test it, let me know if it's working as it should in your LMS!