LMS reporting of Quizmaker inserted as WEB object in Presenter

I would like to maintain the same powerpoint layout for our quizzes as is used in other slides.

I have tried making the frame transparent but the QuizMaker question area is still a bit too large.

I can solve this by publishing the Quiz to WEB and then altering the html file to change the size.  However, quiz results need to be reported to an LMS.  Will the Quiz results be reported to the LMS when the Quiz is inserted as a WEB object?  (If I had the access and the know-how, I could test this myself but I am bereft of both.)



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Rick Cheeseman

Ahh, yes, to have the connections through the organization to even know where the final resting places will be - that would be a wonder for sure.

Thank you Gentlemen.  More flexibility in defining QuizMaker and Engage output would be a bonus! to us all I think.  I'm sure the Articulate design team is working on it.  I can only hope that it is coming soon.