Locking a header page to the top of a question group

Jun 26, 2014

I have a quiz that consists of 4 groups. Each group has a header page (a page that gives a list of topics)  just under the group bar, followed by 20 questions. I want to randomize the questions in the group and lock the header page to the top of the group so it is displayed first. Each time I lock the header page to the top of the group and move down to lock the header page for the next group, the lock for the previous group disappears.


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Kelly Radzik

We are having the same issue.  To clarify, I have a quiz with 4 question groups.  I want each question group to have an introduction slide.  You should be able to lock this slide to the top of the question group, and have the questions shuffle for random order.  Once you lock the intro slide for Group 3, the lock disappears on the intro slide for group 2.

In addition, Group 4 questions wouldn't display at all until I removed the introduction slide.

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