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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Diane,

Yep, you can insert a logo! Here's a tutorial that explains how to use the logo panel in the upper left of the player area. Another option is to replace the "powered by Articulate" logo in the lower-left with your own logo. You can learn how to do that here.

Regarding consistency between your course slides and your quizzes & Engage interactions, one thing that a lot of people like to do is customize their colors in Engage and Quizmaker to match the colors used in Presenter.

Or, for a super-seamless look, you can even use a transparent player on your quizzes & interactions, so that your PowerPoint slide master can show through. You can learn more about that in this tutorial for Quizmaker and this tutorial for Engage.

For courses that include Engage interactions, another thing that might help is to use a PowerPoint template like this one so that your content slides look similar to your Engage slides.

I hope those ideas help! If you want, feel free to post a few screenshots of your course and the community can give you some additional ideas for creating a consistent visual design.