Making the Arc Transparent

Hi, I'm having trouble getting the arc feature (lower left of screen) on a Quizmaker slide to be transparent. 

Here's a few questions:

(1) All the settings for the background have been set to 100% transparency, but when I go to preview the slide in presenter I can see the shadow of the arc covering my presenter slide master.   How do I get rid of it 100%?

(2) I want to eliminate the Next button.  I changed the button colors to be transparent and deleted the word Next from the labels.  How do I get rid of the advance arrow? 

(3) I'm using the blank Quizmaker slide for content, i.e. not as a quiz.  Therefore, I don't want any quiz results.  I seem to be missing a setting, because when I view it from presenter I get a results slide.  Help!

By the way, I love the timeline feature of Quizmaker, as well as the ability to use multiple videos.

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Lori Heithoff

Here it is in Slide View in Quizmaker.  I have unchecked "include in question count" and "Show in quiz review."

For Quiz Properties, I unclicked default feedback.

In the Template color scheme, I made all the panel background colors transparent.  The background curve is white (100% transparent).

Here's what the slide looks like in Preview mode in Presenter.  After publishing, it shows the same problems.

The good news is that the quiz results have disappeared.

The other glitch I've noticed is that I usually have to reapply the slide layout when ever I return to Presenter from a transparent Quizmaker slide.  Is this a known issue?

Let me know if you need more info,


Steve Flowers

Hi Lori,

I didn't understand what you were doing at first. I think this'll work to get rid of your button shape. Go into the color scheme editor. Set each of these elements to 100% transparency:

Button > background | border | inner border

Text > Text 1 | Text 2 | Hover

The trouble with this solution is that it doesn't remove the mouse event. So if someone mouses over it they'll still trigger the mouse submit action. As for the background curve, try setting both colors to black and see what happens.

Now to avoid all of this, you could build your slides, export then pick the exported slide swfs and import each individually to a slide. This would also give you control over the timelines (i assume). Navigate to the quiz_content folder of your exported quizmaker project and give it a try. The disadvantage is the lack of a connection between your slide / quizmaker open wizard. But since you're using quizmaker in a creative way it may not bother you.


Lori Heithoff

Thanks, Steve.

The setting changes worked for me. 

The submit button doesn't show, and if I use the presenter navigation features the results slide doesn't show.  However, if I go poking around to try and trigger the submit feature, it is there. 

I looks like I can only do one blank question slide per quiz if I hide the submit button, as using the presenter controls skips to the next presenter slide in the slide show.