Matching Drag and Drop Issue

Dec 20, 2011

HI guys!

I looked for a sloution but couldn't seem to find one.

I am creating a Matching Drag/Drop Question. Basically the question asks the user to match a "Yes" or "No" to each Item on the left . Everything is matched correctly but when I preview the question  and match the answers correctly it tells me I did not selct the correct response.

Ok am I crazy, what am I doing wrong? I have used this question type before with no problem.

Thanks in advance!


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Louise H

Hi Deb,

Matching questions only work with unique matches. Therefore it's recognising the 'incorrect' "Yes" for each option.

E.g. the question is set up as:

Small tools = YES (1)

Computer software = YES (2)

If YES (2) was matched with Small tools, this would be recognised as incorrect.

As an alternative could you use a multiple-response question and ask the user to select all that apply (i.e. all that are a "Yes")?

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