Matching drag and drop question - drag boxes not highlighting

Hi ,

We are experiencing an issue with one of our matching drag and drop questions.  It uploaded to Articulate Online without any problems as part of a larger presentation, but now there seems to be an issue with one particular question. When you try to pick up a box and match it to the correct target, it doesn't highlight or move.  Most of the option boxes move, it just doesn't work on a couple of them.   It worked fine initially and has been published for several weeks, but this issue has just been raised by one of our students. I've tried it and had the same issue.

Is it possible that something has corrupted?  Don't really want to have to re-publish it as all the student data will be lost.

Any ideas?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Michaela!  I wanted to assure you that the student data will still be available in your Articulate Online dashboard.   Updating a content item in Articulate Online does not change the URL, permissions, or existing reporting data for that content item.

Would you like to have us take a look at that course and do some testing?  You could give us some credentials to view the course, or you could also attach the .quiz file here for us to take a look (or the whole Articulate package for the course).  Or you could submit privately!