Matching drop down - half the matches not visible for one choice

Hello folks

I have a ten choice match and drop question, each choice having a unique match which is approx 90 characters long (each match is an explanation of each of the choices).

When previewed or published, I am getting the same problem.

The first choice works perfectly well.  The drop down menu is completely accessible.  It drops down below the 'select' box and all choices are available.

The second choice doesn't work properly.  When the drop down menu is selected, the top match is being hidden off the top of the screen.   The drop down is appearing above the select box, which is why the top choices are hidden from view.   It is not possible to scroll up to view it, it is simply hidden.

All the other eight choices work fine. though the pattern of 'drop down' is very strange.

Only the first choice drops down, all the others 'drop' up - I have no idea why.  This isn't a problem for the choices from 3 to 10 as there is sufficient space above their position to see the entire dropdown list.

I have tried to reduce the size of the quiz, by removing a couple of choices - just to see if that would help.  It didn't.

I can't think what I could change to tweak this............ can anyone help?

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Peb Thomas

after growling at it for hours last week - a fresh try today has sorted this problem out.

I had inserted a rectangular shape which formed the background to the heading of the page - and the edge of the question box overlapped this so of course it was hiding the drop down choices - but of course this wasn't visible on either the form view or the preview/published version.

I still can't figure out why only the first choice actually has a drop down, when all of the others have a 'drop up' but I think I can live with this