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Phil Mayor

The way I would do this is set each question to 1 point, then set the score %Score% out of 5 in a text box you will need to add the out of and total questions yourself but you were almost there

Sorry not got presenter here to check but the standard results page shows score variable and percentage

Mike Fox

I am new to Articulate & in the process of following the tutorials & forums for answers. I have a related question on grading for a matching quiz.  

I have 6 quiz questions; 4 True / False worth 1 point each , a Multiple Choice worth 1 point, and a matching with 5 items worth 5 points (1 point per correct match).

If I answer the True / False and the Multiple Choice questions correctly, but miss 2 of the matching, the test results show that my final score is 50%. I assume that is because the system determines that the matching question was not matched correctly, so it deducts 5 points.

I would like the results to show that i answered 3 of the 5 matching correctly, so my final score would be 80% or 8 out of ten possible answers