missing text after radio buttons once published

When I publish my quizzes that are interspersed throughout a course that includes both engage and PPTX screens, several of the radio buttons within the multiple choice (both single and multiple response) end up missing the answer text that is supposed to appear after each button. The QM preview of these screens, however, shows the text where it is supposed to be. Moreoever, when I republish the same program, different questions will be missing text after different radio buttons. Usually, the missing text is not consistent from one publish to the next, but sometimes it is.  I set all questions to not shuffle answers, and this seemed to help somewhat, but not a sure path to sucess. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a way to fix this?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Gwen!

Can you check to see if you have Carbonite installed? If you have Quizmaker '09 and Carbonite installed on the same computer, you may find that random text or images are missing from published quizzes.

This is a known issue. At this time, the workaround is to uninstall Carbonite and republish your quiz(zes).

Dana Thomas

I just found this thread after having a similar issue with missing text.  I noticed after reading this thread that carbonite was actively backing up during my publish.  I disabled it and opened each quiz in quizmaker and previewed and instantly the text re-appeared.  I republished and everything is fine. So, it seems as though disabling Carbonite is a suitable work around.

Shawn Kogan

I have a user who created a Quiz (QM 09) consisting of 405 questions total.   This quiz is made up of several groups and randomized within the groups selecting a specified number of questions from each group.

When previewing an individual question from Quizmaker, the question and answers all display as expected.   However, when previewing the Quiz in its entirety, only the Questions display.  No answers (or radio buttons) display.

I published the course and still get the same results.   I do not have Carbonite installed on my machine.