Modify and print essay answers?

Nov 14, 2012

Situation 1: I would like to ask a question, such as, "What are the top 5 characteristics that a leader must have?".  Then allow him to print his answer.  As I ask the same question later in another essay question, he is able to compare his orginal answers with the second time it is asked.  And, also print the second answer.  So, in effect, he would be able to switch back and forth and see what he wrote as well as print them.

Situation 2: I would like to ask an essay question, then allow the person to proceed.  Later, if he choosed, he can go back and see his original answer, and update or correct it if he wants to.  Also, I would like to be able to have him print the answer.

How do you give him access to the answer once it is submitted to review and/or print it?

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Daniel Lewis

Looks like this will work.  I will give it a try.  One thought before I do.  Do you know if you move on and come back to this quiz, is the contents blank, or is the original content still there?

If effect, allowing the user to answer the question, and refer back to his thought and idea as needed.

For example, "How would you describe a good leader?", then do the class, and then allow him to go back and review what he orginally thought?

Printing will work great for a lot of things I plan as exercises in the class.  This is great.  However, if you could go back to previous answers (thoughts etc) and review...along with the print would be outstanding.

Thanks for the tip above.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gonzalo!

I'm not sure that I'm following your question.

I checked both QM '09 and QM '13 and see no issue when reviewing my survey questions from the results slide and the format remains.

Can you provide some additional details: what version of Quizmaker are you using, question type, how are you publishing? Are you able to re-create this in a new file or does it only occur in your current file?

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