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Jerson  Campos

Here is a short list of stuff I've created using freeform slides.

A drag and drop where the draggable items can be reset without resetting the entire slide.

Drag and Drop slide where you can drag the same item on multiple correct answers and have it score correctly. To explain further, it was an app icon ( 4 copies) and you had to drag it on different devices that you can install it. I had to set it up where they can drag any of the app icons to any of the correct and incorrect devices and have it score correctly.

A custom drop down menu question. I didn't like the style of the default drop down menu slide, so I created my own.

I created a few unique freeform questions in this portfolio example.

I rarely if ever use the default quiz slides. I don't like the limitations of them and they tend to give me problems when I try to format them so I stick with freeform for all my quizzes.

Right now I'm working on a question slide that has a hint button. When the user clicks the hint button it will eliminate one of the answers or provide some text, but will also reduce the points the user will get if they get it right. 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Jerson! Thanks for sharing those great examples.

I'd be interested to know how you were able to make the second example work (4 copies of the same icon with multiple correct answers). Care to share?

How did you go about creating a custom drop-down menu? Using states?

I love the idea of the hint button! It reminds me of the 50/50 option on "Who wants to be a millionaire."

Jerson  Campos

The second example was actually a pick many freeform with drag and drop interactivity.

I set up 5 different squares (off the side of the screen) that where my pick many answers. Only 4 of them where the correct choice. Then I set up the apps (drag items) to change the state of a square to "selected" when it was dragged over a correct device (drop) using a trigger.  I made sure to keep it consistent. Drop item 1 would be Square 1, Drop item 2 would be square 2. If the user dragged and App over the incorrect device it would change the state of square 5, which would be incorrect. 

A couple things I had to work around:  I changed the state of the draggable item to hidden when it was dragged over a drop item and changed the state of the drop item to a state that had the App icon on it. This way it prevented the user from moving it to another drop and I didn't have to worry about figuring out the triggers to uncheck the square.  I added a reset button that would reload the slide which was set to "reset to initial state" on reload. But now that I figured out how to reset it the items without reloading the slide, it should work much better.

To prevent the user from dropping multiple apps on the same device, I also placed a hidden object (with transparency set to 100%) that would be set to normal when an item was placed over it. This would block any more apps from being dropped on top of it. 

The key thing is to don't limit yourself with the freeform types.  Pick many and multiple choice dont have to be a standard pick many and mutiple choice type question. With a little bit of creativity, they can really used to create many type of scored interactions.

Jerson  Campos

Custom Dropdown menu.

This was also set up with a pick many freeform question since there was mutliple of these on the screen with multiple squares set up as the answer just like the example above. The drop down menu was created using states and layers. I had a box that looked like a standard dropdown menu option (selector). The normal state just said "click here to select answer", the other states where the different answers it could be. When the user clicked on the dropdown selector , it would show a layer with the different answers that were laid out like a dropdown menu. When the user clicked on a particular answer, it would change the dropdown selector to that answer state. Once the user was done selecting all the answers, I placed triggers on the submit button that would check if the state of each of the selector was the correct answer, if it was then it would change the answer squares to the selected state. Then it would submit the question and show the appropriate correct or incorrect feedback.

Quick note. During testing, I usually place these squares on screen so that I can see what state they are in during preview mode. This way I can see if they are working the way I intended them too. 

Jerson  Campos

It was through the triggers.  When any app was dropped on Device 1 (correct), it would change the state of square 1.  I had to add this trigger on all the drag items. This way it didn't matter which app was dragged to device 1. Then I added similar triggers to the drag items when they dropped it on device 2, but made it change the state of square 2.

Tablets baratas

Hey, nice questions. I once did a totally freeform quiz on my website, the problem? That I had so many responses (not expectet). So for me was like reading just commentaries, cause you cannot compare in terms of results. I don't know if you know what I mean. For example in my case I asked about do they think about their tablets, and the answers were pretty long and sometimes didn't even tell me what tablet they had.. So MY FAULT, I know hehe But even if the quiz is a freeform, expect some order and some way to arrange the results and compare them.

eLearning Locker

Hi Allison,

I had seen a really interesting approach long ago. There was a sentence like "The _______ didn't start." and you had to drop "engine" (from a list of words) into the blank. Then the sentence got bigger. "The engine didn't start because the ______ had a problem." Then you dragged the best word that fit. The sentence would get longer and become two then three sentences. Each time it got bigger it gave more information and became more complex as you helped it along.

I need to try and find it or try and recreate it. It was quite different from some of what I have seen. At the end, I felt I had paid a lot of attention and it was fun to realize where the complexity was added when each new correct word was dragged in.