Moving from one question bank to another after a determined number of correct or incorrect answers

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a language placement test, using quizmaker, storyline or a combination. But I'm kind of stuck on a certain point.

I will have 8 sections of questions (between 20 to 40 per section). What I would like is, if a student answers 'X' amount of questions correctly in a row in section 1, then they move to section 2 etc(so it isn't a lineal test, but will adapt based on the level of the student). Also, if the student (while in section 2) gets 'X' amount incorrect in a row they drop back to section 1 (etc etc).

I would also like to limit the total amount of questions for the whole test (to 40 questions), independently from where those questions are drawn. 

I know there is a way to do it lineally using the question feedback area, but this means that the questions need to be in order I think (to know how many are correct in a row).

Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance!




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Simon Williamson

Hi Ren,

Thank you very much!

In the end, the solution seems to be that, making smaller question blocks with a results slide at the end of each which determines the path they take (having three possible 'routes' depending on their score, to the next level, back to the previous level, or staying in the same level).

That way the questions can still be random (within each small block), and also the test remains adaptive.

Thank you once again!