Multiple Attempts in Quizmaker

I have been using Quizmaker for years now, and am just now coming across a situation where I have to allow multiple attempts at a response.  I see how to set the number of attempts and know all about branching, answer slides, etc.  

I have a question where I am allowing a user two tries to answer.  I see that when I set the number of attempts at two, the auto response gives them an option to try again if they respond incorrectly, what I can't figure out is how to assign customized feedback with the correct response to the second wrong attempt.  I tried adding the feedback to the automated response (it appears on the first wrong attempt response, which I don't want)  I tried adding a customized feedback slide and adding branching to that slide and that didn't work either.

If someone can tell me how to make this work, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laurie,

Are you distributing your quiz as a standalone quiz, or are you inserting the quiz into a Presenter presentation?

Unfortunately, with standalone quizzes, it's not currently possible to modify the overall quiz attempts. The only way to do so is to insert a quiz into Presenter.

If you have inserted a quiz into your Presenter '09 presentation, you can specify the number of attempts that the user is allowed for that embedded quiz.

However, limiting the number of attempts for a Presenter presentation, a standalone Quizmaker quiz, or a standalone Engage interaction is not currently supported.  You may need to contact your LMS provider to determine if your LMS has the features necessary to limit the number of attempts for content items.

I hope this information helps!