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David Anderson

Rich Radi said:

I know how to do multiple choice questions, but is there a way to add a comments field to the question?  In other words, I want the student to answer the multiple choice question and add a comment  in a text box.  The comment would not be graded by the system.  Thanks!

Hi Rich - I'm curious how you see that playing out. Would the student comments be for the student or for the instructor? Can you share a little more around comment fields and graded questions?

Jeanette Brooks

One more thing I forgot to mention ... in that example I posted, there is only one text-entry slide and it pertains to the answer choice called "Other." But if you wanted to, you could set up a separate text-entry slide for each answer choice (either for tracking purposes or even if you just wanted the look of each of the slides to be different). You would just need to tweak the branching on each answer choice and on the text-entry slides.