Multiple Choice Questions: Anchoring Shuffled Answers

Mar 27, 2011

I am using QM for standalone quizzes;  when p[resenting, all questions are multiple choice and randomized. I would like to shuffle all answers; however, in some questions I want to anchor a particular choice to the position defined when setting up the question – it is OK to shuffle the other choices.

For example, one multiple choice question has 4 choices to select from. The final choice reads “All of the above” and I would like “All of the above” to remain as the final choice under all circumstances while the other choices are shuffled.

I suppose this behavior would be declared on a question by question basis, since the use of “All of the above” choice  appears only rarely in any particular quiz.

How can I accomplish this? (I read it somewhere in the past but just can’t find it right now)

Thanks ... Bill

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jay hoffman

Justin Grenier said:

Hi, guys.

Unfortunately, this functionality doesn't currently exist in Storyline, but it would make a pretty cool Feature Request!


Where would I submit a feature request of a publicly posted list of feature requests, so I know if one has already been submitted and I simply need to appended a "me, too!" or "like"?

Hey, one can dream ...

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