Multiple choice quiz choices indents and position

I have a quiz that is all multiple choice. When I created it, the formatting looked fine, but now I have opened it again a few days later and all the choices in Slide View are indented further than they should be and are pushed down, creating a scroll box and unnecessary text wraps, which is not acceptable (see attachment). This is a brand new quiz created from importing questions from a quiz in which the formatting was unfixable. Now this! How can I unindent and move up the choices back to their original position without doing it one at a time? There are almost 300 slides.

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Kendra Kernen

I am working on my C:/ drive, have run the repair, and even had IT reinstall the software (Articulate Studio '13), but none it fixed my problems. Every time I opened the quiz, more problems popped up and the file just became more and more corrupt. I finally had to give up on it.

I've just spent the last two and a half days rebuilding the quiz from scratch, and it's now working as it should. I might add, however, that the whole time I was rebuilding, Quizmaker crashed repeatedly; every half hour or so. (This was after the reinstall.) This whole experience has made me very unhappy with the software.