Multiple question banks and questions being presented

Nov 12, 2012

Hi all,

We have a quiz designed by a 3rd party, which sadly does not play well with our LMS, so, I am recreating it in Quizmaker.

The requirement is to have 12 question pools consisting of 4 questions each, and the user will be presented with 1 or 2 questions from each pool (depending on the topic). Easy so far.

Then, if a user gets a question wrong, they want them to be presented with another question from the same pool. If they get that one wrong, they will then move onto the next pool of questions.

I think I need to do something clever with branching, and have read through a few posts but am still a little vague about it all. I'm also unclear about the scoring, as the number of questions will be variable depending on how many the user gets incorrect. Scoring is important as this is a compliance course.

Any suggestions would be great!


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Sarah Tinson

Thinking about the scoring, even tho users may be presented with a variable number of questions, they only get a score when they correctly answer a question, so that shouldn't be a problem. (typing as I think...) So if a user is presented with 2 questions woth 10 points each from 1 pool, they could only ever score 10 anyway, as they wouldn't have the opportunity to see the second question if they'd passed the first one and moved on to the next pool .... (sorry - now I'm typing as I ramble....)

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