Multiple questions in a single screen

Mar 01, 2011


Is there a way to dsiplay several questions on a single quizmaker slide, with a single submit button? As opposed to having each question on it's own slide and having a next button between each, is it possible to have them appear as a vertical list?



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Brian Batt


Currently, Quizmaker doesn't offer the ability to include multiple word-bank questions on one slide. However, here's an idea that you might consider: if you use a fill-in-the-blank question, you could simulate multiple questions being on the same slide, as shown in this tutorial:

Here's another other tutorial as well:

Robert Kennedy


In addition to what Brian mentioned, you might consider using a Matching Drop Down question type.  You can then have 4 (or more I guess) questions on the slide and then 4 answers.  The user would then need to use the drop down to match the right answer to the question.  Of course, you would need to consider spacing in the the questions and the answers, but its an option to accomplish what you wish in some way.

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