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Adam Larsen

I've got a similar question. I'm setting up a template for multiple quizzes in different scenes.

When I publish it, since Articulate can only record the results of one Results Slide, Articulate will be recording the results of the final slide (7.1-Results Slide). However, we'd like to keep track of the scores for each of the separate quizzes, along the way. We use Articulate Online for our LMS, currently, which will only show the overall score, recorded on 7.1.

However, what we'd like to be able to do is to add a "hidden" slide, (or something similar, like a blank slide that lasts .25 seconds,) which will be a Survey Question that the Results Percent (%Results1.ScorePercent%) will fill in automatically as the text in the Survey, and we can go to those slides in the Reports to see how each learner scored on the quiz. (Did that make sense?)

On the attached file, (just a template, no confidentiality concerns,) we've only been messing around on Scene 2, trying to get that to work. The white slide (2.4) is a Survey Slide we were hoping to report the Results Percent on. But %Results1.ScorePercent% is not an option when trying to adjust variables.

Any help you can offer? My coworker and I are racking our brains trying to get this information to report in a user-friendly way.

Edit: We are using Storyline 3, publishing for Articulate Online.

JD Radilla Sagrero


Thanks for sharing your file. It helps immensely! Can I pick your brain and see if you have any ideas how to incorporate multiple choice quizzes and a written section? I have 3 branches: Two 8 question quizzes and one 11 question short answer. I have a master result slide which summarizes all the results but unfortunately it does not retain the answers to the short question quiz. My content is uploaded to Articulate Online. Any ideas would be very helpful. THANKS!

Adam Larsen


I'm glad my example was able to help you. :)

I was able to get Fill In the Blank, Short Answer, and Essay questions to report in Articulate Online by inserting them before the "Activity X Percent" slide in my example. Inserting it here will let Articulate know it should be included in the Results Slide for that activity. If you don't insert it somewhere before the "Activity X Percent" slide, it's not a big deal, you'll just need to go the Results Slide and manually check the box next to the new slides to tell Articulate these slides should report with that Activity.

The Fill In the Blank is the only type of "Type the answer" which will count for/against the user's score. Short Answer and Essay are Survey questions, so they don't have a point score associated with them. But, if

So, where I added the questions in my example, I have 4 Graded Questions and two Survey questions.

I've included two attachments. One of them is a Screenprint with how our Articulate Online reported Activity 1. Question 4 is the Fill In the Blank, 5 is Short Answer, and 6 is an Essay Question. I got one of the graded questions wrong (1 of 4), so my score shows as 75%

The 2nd attachment is the updated Articulate file. Activity 1 has the inserted "Type the answer" questions.

I hope this is helpful!