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Oct 15, 2012


I have a course that branches off based on the user's role, and then comes back together to wrap up the presentation. After the wrap-up, there is a quiz for each role, and only that one quiz needs to be completed, not all three. How can I get just the one quiz to count in the LMS? The tracking can't be set to the number of slides as depending on the role, the number of slides they look at will be different, and it can't be set to a specific quiz as each user will just have to take one of the three quizzes... Any thoughts? (Did that make sense??)

Thanks for your help.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lisa and Leslie. When you publish for LMS from Quizmaker '09 and you want to track by quiz score (rather than by the number of content slides completed), you need to identify one specific quiz in the course that you want to track. There isn't currently a supported way of tracking multiple quizzes within the same course, although you could certainly check into the ideas shown on this page

Or, here's an idea: what if you combine the quizzes for all 3 audiences into a single quiz file? You could use an unscored question at the beginning of the quiz to determine which group of questions to display. That way, you could report on just that single quiz when you publish for LMS. (In Quizmaker, only the questions that are actually completed by the learner will become part of the scored quiz.) Would this work for you? The basic idea of a branched quiz is shown in this blog post.  

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Anita, it sounds like you want to set up more lenient pass/fail threshold (looking at your screenshot, right now the score required to pass is 80%).

You can certainly adjust the number of points awarded for each question (here's how to do that), but you should also take a look at the pass/fail cutoff, because that's what determines whether a learner passes or fails. Here's how to change the passing score. Does that help?

Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Lisa,

Yes! If you would rather not show the question navigation panel in the upper left, here's how you can remove it: in Quizmaker, click Player Templates > Edit and select the Layout tab on the left. In the selector that says "Question numbering style," select "No numbering." Also, unmark the box that says "Display question navigation panel." 

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