Multiple Response question print results

Hi!  I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I'm having with a multiple select question and the print results page.  Here is how the question slide needs to look...

Each Y/N needs to be vertical, not horizontal.  However, the print results page lists the responses horizontally, as shown here...

We need correct answer to read, NYYY, on the print results page.  Is there a way to do this?  Thank you!

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Suman Y

Hi Diane,

The options will be printed in the order in which they are entered in the form view of the question slide. So if you wish that the results page for MRQ needs to be printed in the following order, "N,Y,Y,Y", then in the form view, you'll need to re-sequence the current list from 'Y,Y,Y,N' to 'N,Y,Y,Y'; in this instance just move the fourth option to the top. 

Diane Boewe

No, that's not the issue because Shuffle is off.  As you can see in the following screen shots.  Any other thoughts?

In form view, I list them in order

Then I arrange the in the proper format on the screen

and then go back into form view and they are rearranged - which causes the print screen to put them in this order...