Multiple Response Question without text

Once upon a time in the most fabulous user kingdom anywhere, a talented KISA (Knight in shing armour) showed everyone how to create a multiple response question with a zing like the sharpest of arrows in the quiver. In the tutorial, KISA said to NOT type in the response, reduce the size of the answer box, and place it next to  the image. Create several wrong answers by typing a space where the answer should be and position it on the image. Then, sit back and watch the fun! Hammers were on a pegboard in the tutorial.

Here there be dragons! When resized, checkboxes snap back to their default location. Either they don't move at all, or when the text is resized, the checkbox snaps back. Even if it is moved alone. I've deleted and reenetered the question several times.

Alas, alack. Can anyone direct this poor maiden in distress to the tutorial or guess what has gone wrong?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Crisa! What I'd recommend is first resizing the bounding box that holds all of your answer choices to be as large as the slide allows. Then resize/reposition the individual answer choices as needed.. Otherwise sometimes things tend to want to rearrange themselves so that the choices stay within the invisible bounding box. Another thing to check is that the "shuffle" option in the question editor is set to "None" so that no answer choices move around on their own.

If you continue to have trouble, want to attach your Quizmaker file here (or just a version of it that contains only the slide you're having trouble with) and I can take a look?