Multiple response questions

We have noticed it is impossible to give partial credit to multiple response answers if they select some of the correct answers.  This is causing confusion for our learners.  They select partially correct, then the coaching says incorrect .  From their point of view, it appears not to be scoring right.

I did notice if they opt to view the quiz after it clearly shows them where they selected right and where they did not, but i I can't find a way to force them to view that.

Anybody have any suggestions for handling this?

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Patti Bryant

Hey Tana!

One way I've gotten around this is to put the correct answer in the feedback. Example below:

What are colors that the sky can be? Select all that apply.

A. Blue

B. Gray

C. Green

D. Red

If the learner gets the answer incorrect (whether partially or entirely), the feedback would be something like "Great try! Actually, the sky can be blue, gray, AND red!"

This reinforces the correct answer. I hope this helps!