Myanmar in IE and Edge, letters overlap (Quizmaker 360)

Looking at Myanmar in IE and Edge, letters are overlap like attached image.

- Using font of “Zawgyi-one”.
- Contents published by Quizmaker 360
- IE, Edge on Windows 10 (It is fine on the Win7, and other browsers)
- Also happen when I import Quizmaker to Presenter and Storyline

I could fix by deleting the value of the "nodeType":"tspan","x":###"", from “paths.js”.
However, when I edit that, I get a similar error in Chrome.

I hope you can fix this trouble soon..


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Keigo Ryuno

Hi Alyssa,
Thank you for your reply.

> Are you publishing with HTML5/Flash Fallback, or Flash/HTML5 Fallback?
HTML5 with Flash fallback

> Where is the published output hosted?
Hosted on local computer and some of LMS(SCORM Cloud, SuccessFactors).

> Do you have a link to the published content you can share with me?
I made a link below.
There is 2 slides, first slide is Zawgyi-one, 2nd slide is Myanmar text(no corrupt).
* These two slide are different text inputted.
[Scorm Cloud]

- Zawgyi-one is not real Unicode font, so I can't change Zawgyi-one to Myanmar text.
- Presenter contents(PPT slide) are not corrupted.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Keigo for sharing that link. I'm seeing the same as you in the HTML5 output where the characters are squished together while view in Edge or Internet Explorer 11. It also looks like you're using an earlier build of 5.13.15006.0 and the latest Quizmaker update is  5.15.15581.0. Can you install the latest update and see if that resolves the text display that you're seeing? 

If it's still not working once on the latest update, could you share a copy of your .quiz file here so that I can get it into the hands of my team? We'll use that to investigate this as s possible software bug.