Navigate back through a course w/o answering quiz questions?

Jul 30, 2012

I have a course with a few content screens, then a quiz question, them some more screens, etc. We are not using the left menu nav, and we are using restricted navigation. We are also requiring learners to take the quiz question when they go through the course. If a learner wants to navigate back through the entire course, they hit a quiz question and they have to answer it before going back more. Is there any way to enable the learner to go backward through a quiz question without answering it, but still keeping it mandatory the first time through?

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Todd Fleming

Peter, I did test this on SCORM Cloud and found that it did behave as intended. When I package for LMS, but run outside of the LMS, I have to answer the questions each time I come to that page as I navigate back and forth. When in SCORM Cloud, the answer was retained, and I did not need to re-answer it every time.

Additionally, there is a custom exit button that I used from another forum, where an invisble flash movie overlays an on-screen exit button. That button also did not work outside of the LMS, but when in SCORM Cloud, it worked as intended.

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