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I am using quizmaker as a portion of my presentation in Presenter. Due to the navigation of the slides in Presenter (it's a long story), I'm afraid that people may end up at the quiz slide, before they've viewed all the slides in Presenter prior to the quizmaker slide. This will make it difficult for them to answer the quiz questions. How can I allow a person to navigate back to the Presenter slides, once they're in the quiz? I've tried to set branching from the quiz questions back to a particular previous slide, but it does not seem to work in preview mode. I need to allow them the freedom to exit the quiz easily to go back to previous slides, but I keep getting the message--you must complete the quiz...--when trying to click the "back" button. Any help is appreciated!

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Maggie,

Since you have incorporated the Quiz into Presenter, it has created a slide placeholder for you.  At the bottom of the Quiz slide, you should see a Quiz Properties icon.  Click that.  Then once the Properties dialog opens up, you should be able to change the property at the bottom to allow the user to leave the quiz at anytime.  If you have this combined with the Restricted Navigation in the Player Templates, then the user should be able to view only the slides before the quiz that they have already viewed but they will also be able to go back out of the quiz at any point.  This might not be the most elegant solution if you are using LMS tracking and might even cause a couple of problems.  But for basic knowledge checks and practice, you can do this without much issue.

blair parkin

Hi maggie

Adding to Robert's comments, depending on what Quiz player template you are using you may also need to check that on the Navigation tab you have ticked "Allow user to finish without answering all question" if you would like them to be able to leave whenever they want

In Quizmaker select Quiz Play Template > Edit > Navigation