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James Brown

Wondering if you just couldn't add nav buttons to the quiz to point to the previous slide. Some quizzes I have seen will have the user complete the quiz and then if they fail, the user is forced to go back and retake the quiz until the reach a high enough score so you may want to think at what point do you wish to allow the user to go back.

blair parkin

Hi Jodie

I'm assuming you want them to be able to review any answers before submitting? If you edit the quiz player template to "Submit all at once" under the Navigation tab then the learner can use the next and previous buttons to move through the quiz and see their answers before submitting. Jeanette's tutorial explains it really well here

Hope this helps


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jodie! I replied to your tweet also, but wanted to add a note here as well, in case others might benefit. You're right that when you switch to the "submit all at once" nav method, you lose the ability to provide question-by-question feedback. But here's one thing that you might want to try: if you include a question navigation panel on your quiz player, users could click on that to jump from question to question if they want to. You could perhaps add a blank slide at the beginning of your quiz, pointing out the question nav panel and explaining that they can use it to move to a different part of the quiz if they want.

Here's a bit more about the nav panel and how to customize it.